Saturday, July 28, 2007


Today, we were out running errands, on the way home we got caught at a train crossing waiting for the train. We sat there for a good five minutes, the grossing lights flashing, the guard rails down – but no train. I watched 3 people zoom around the guard rails while talking on the telephone. I also saw a man with a child safety seat (looked empty but could have been a small baby), and a SUV full of teenage girls driven by an adult. It was like Stupid Saturday – these fools were taking not only their lives in to jeopardy, but also the train conductors (and any other people on the train), my life because if the train derailed I was right there watching and then who knows what hazardous materials the train may be carrying that could be spewed in to the neighborhood or near by creek.

These people all should get hefty fines for such an egregious violation of human life. But, what do they get? Their errands done faster. Pity.

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